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Hello, Dear People of the World~

Encouraged by my friends, I’ve decided to start a blog in order to mostly share my photography works (especially my photo-manipulations), but I’ll also want to take this opportunity to post some photo-stories & why not, talking about everything and nothing ≡(*′▽`)っ!

So~ let’s start 🎉: I’m into Japanese pop culture since I was a little child, thanks to the two daughters of my mother’s best friend, who were already old teenagers and huge fans. Their basement, which was arranged as a playroom, was turned into a wonderful otaku den. It amazed me every time: there were goodies, shitajiki (= desk blotter) and collectable cards everywhere. They introduced me to Sailor Moon 💗 and, it was the beginning of a beautiful, grand, wonderful adventure.

I began to buy a lot of manga and one day, pencils in hand, I started to draw, using them as a base. My passion for drawing was born and I my dearest wish was to become a mangaka. I was a lucky kid and had my own computer in a corner of my room so, I familiarized myself with the tools. Later, with the advent of the internet (the uncapped one) I switched my old computer (Windows 98 represents) for a laptop and discovered the only one, the unique: Photoshop✨ ! It was love at first sight. From then on, I wanted to learn everything about this magical software, and after tweaking a bit here and there with some random pictures, I started to be more creative and did my first photo-manipulations. I was 14 years old, and there were no tutorials, no books; I learned all by myself.

I got my very first figure around 2001-2003, I don’t remember which year exactly. At that time, my mother, a financial advisor, was in charge of Muteki editions (now closed down). She told them that I really loved a manga called Love Hina and then, a few days later, she came home with a present for me, a cute figure of Sarah McDougal in a Christmas dress and told me it was a gift from them that they brought during their last trip in Japan.

In 2007, I became a hobbyist « for real » 💪 and started to collect dolls with some Pullip/Taeyang/Dal (Jun Planning/Groove). I received my first BJD, an Angel Studio Gavin in 2008 and I actually own around ten of them. Want to have a laugh? When I started to collect BJDs, I strictly said to myself: « I will never buy any figures or Dollfie Dream!! » and now, well, see by yourself how far I’ve come (and how weak I am) on 👉 My Figure Collection ~

In 2014, I took my chance at the VOLKS lottery for the beautiful Shibuya Rin from iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls, and won my first Dollfie Dream 💗. I received her in July of that same year and since, she fill me with happiness (even if she stays a little too much in her box but I promise: just a little).

But that’s not all: I’m also a fervent Otome Gamer since 2012-2013 (video games targeted towards the female market) but I’m slow, so slooow that I’m pretty sure a sloth is even faster than me (*´艸`*) ! I play them only in Japanese 🇯🇵🌸. Advised by a friend, I bought the english release of Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom on PSP and Norn9. The first game I bought by myself was Chronostacia and since, I’m overwhelmingly pleased to have fallen in the hell of being an otome gamer (chasing 2D men, a passion, a way of life).

And to finish, I adore History. The past, in all its resplendence, fascinates me. I love everything related to the Universe, I’m a space nerd 🚀 ~ A -crazy- dream of mine is to have, one day, my own planetarium. Yes, the structure/dome, not a little one (I told you it was crazy). Oh, and, I really like Teddy Bears too (the plushies, not the chocolate ones filled with marshmallow inside; even if I love these sweets as well).

I apologize in advance for my mistakes, because english is not my native language.
Hope you will enjoy your stay✨ ~

PS: My name is Bond, Ja- just kidding, my name is Kim (but I maybe be a secret agent).
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